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PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 11:39 am View user's profile Reply with quote Send private message

Eric "Wingman" Peterson conducted an Reddit AMA on Descent: Underground:

I asked this question:


I am a huge fan of Descent, first started playing it right around the time it was released as a demo of it was pre-loaded on an IBM Aptiva computer my parents purchased for the house. I got the full version as a Christmas gift and spent hours playing it and finally beating it. Got Descent 2 shortly after release and loved playing it, then got Descent 3, gameplay was not great for me but the storyline for Descent 3 was good. When Volition/Interplay announced Descent 4, I was excited that there would be a continuation of the Descent franchise, wasn't happy to see Interplay tumbling towards bankruptcy and soon after the decline of Interplay, Descent 4 was cancelled.

So I am so very happy that you and your dev team was able to get the Descent IP license from Interplay to try to revive the Descent franchise which I feel will be very popular today since it's still unique in my opinion.

My question is if the KickStarter succeeds, what sort of stretch goals will be considered and what will the extra money be used for? Will there be a dedicated single player campaign with multiple levels such as was the case in Descent 1-3? Also are you making an attempt to reach out to Volition and the original people who were linked with Descent to work with them on Descent: Underground? I would love to see at least some if not all of the original team from Descent reunited to work on this reboot/prequel for Descent.


My question actually got answered!!!!!


There will be a lot of stretch goals but you nailed the main one, we want to do a very BIG single player campaign, worthy of a Descent Reboot.

Also we have been in contact with some of the original team members and would welcome their involvement - hey that might make a great stretch goal - HEHE....just kidding.

Ultimately this is not a one and done project for us, we have plans to build this from here and take it to a much larger scope through years of development and additions - however that will clearly depend on whether we can get this into the main stream as we all hope.

The more people to shoot and shoot at us, the better !!!

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