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PostPosted: Tue May 14, 2013 9:54 am View user's profile Reply with quote Send private message

A story of Descent

I am a descent player. My name is Jeff but I go by JazzyJet. In a way it's more real to me because it's the name I chose and the name I made for myself. The name of my secret self. I want to tell a story of how Descent 3 changed the life of a young man. I began playing Descent when I was about 18 years old in 1998. Friends of mine from my Christian group would get together and play games and one that was introduced to me there was Descent 3 multiplayer. I started as a mouser and was immediately drawn to the fast combat and complex gameplay. My friends Readyman and Datguy played with 3dpro joysticks and began to teach me their style. Readyman would take me down in the basement of Apparition and teach me how to dodge missiles and how to master the mass driver. It didn't take long before the 3dpro became a treasured part of me. I learned the game quickly and started playing online and at lans as much as I could. The beauty of Descent is that you can continue to study and learn and change your gameplay. Although I played competitively for so long I can never truly say I mastered it. I have fond memories of purchasing my first phone line so that I could dial in my 56k whenever I wanted. The massive 250 ping lag didn't seem bad in those days. I was just grateful to play with other people. I think learning the game on high ping actually helped my powers of prediction because in order to keep up with the players on a good connection you have to anticipate another 1 second before them. And 1 second is all it takes. I was young and healthy and worked hard and came home and played hard. I went to my first lan at califest where I got my first dose of the fire of the community. There was nothing like it. Seeing Genghis in his super chair. J-oh's beautiful personality. Rocks intimidatingly warm smile. Watching from the shadows, birdseye's funky pinky while he works his ghetto 3 button mouse . Fatal's strange twisting the X axis on the 3dpro which made him killer at vauss. I guess that style was common but it was still weird to me. I got to watch the Rox and Ants duke it out. These players already had their reputation and I was learning and preparing to make mine. I can't begin to list all the players whom inspired me. We all shared a bond like none other.

My life took some changes in the next year. As it does for every young man. I had a girlfriend who was a little older than me and was ready to get married. I was not, I was young and felt I was exploring the world. My reluctance to commit eventually ended the relationship and 2 months later she was married to another man. As peoples first experience in love is usually the most intense, this completely broke my heart. I was shattered. I could not feel anything but the engrossing pain within me. My mind took a nose dive downward and the afterburner didn't stop for a long time. I went from a happy outgoing young man to a weak and damaged self absorbed one. I needed help.

During this time I began to look to an unlikely source for encouragement. I couldn't talk to my family. So the Descent community became my other family. Internet relationships are common now but you must realize in 1998 this was still viewed very taboo by my family. I made close friends in the 59 clan of which friendships I treasure down to this day. My depression had made my mind and family life very poor and one intense and painful day that involved police I packed up and left my home and was warmly received by Hawkeye and Hawkwife in Michigan. I'm from california. It was a long drive. I lived with them nearly a year. They were my family and gave me everything they had. They had great children of their own and took me in as their third. I made great friends with the other 59ers out there. Damon, Dodgeboy was great to me. His favorite car was a 59 dodge so he put it in his name. The 59 clan makers started the clan from a band name 59. They met this way I have no doubt through destiny. I felt these people saved my life and to this day I wish I could repay them. Dodgeboy would buy my pizza and let me stay at his place whenever I wanted. He was so generous and has such an amazing soul. Spudpuddles, Starseeker, Starfighter, and Starsister were my good friends there. An inspiring family theres no doubt. I felt so close to them all and am grateful for my time with them all.

I went to any lan that I could go to back then. Several in Michigan, several Califests, several in Seattle, Chigago, Indianapolis, Houston, Ohio. During this time I played the D3 ladder a lot too. Sometimes I was on the top. I always had my favorite 1on1 opponents. Suncho, Palzon, Genghis to mention a few who always were a fun and respectful match. In Michigan I was teamed with Tweety and got to win a 2on2. Even though I played 1on1 so much I never won a 1on1 competition. Always 2on2 and 3on3's which made me appreciate good communication and teamwork. The 59 guys and I would win another. A 3on3 with me, Genghis, and Vlider I think his name was. Ach I should have written this years ago when I could remember everyone's names. Him and his brother were great old school players. I got to see Sfuzzi's Texan hospitality. I got to experience Nirvana's photographic memory and natural intelligence. I got to see Sandman nearly get in a fight with him and Rock break it up. Haha good times there. I was there to shed tears with Fiend, Rock, Datguy and others when J-oh passed on. My last memory was of him loudly cheering me on with a huge warm smile when I received a gift for playing. At my later lans I realized that I became inspiration for the younger players. And I was happy to be. I always tried to play, win or lose gracefully. This was not always the case though, I had a very hard time losing.

I am 32 now. This all happened over 10 years ago. Now I have a great relationship with my family but for back then....Descent was what got me through it all. It was a strange and unlikely source of family and healing. A source of passionate competition that inspired a young man and changed his life. I still have dreams about Descent. Sometimes seeing the faces of the players and the laughing and smiling. Sometimes I dream of 6 degrees flight in space. Sometimes I dream of the old competition and great fussion dogfights. It will always be a part of me. There was nothing like Descent. When someone watched a Descent match they were filled with curiosity and respect for it. And there is and was absolutely nothing like the Descent community.

I honestly want to thank Descent and the Descent community. For being a part of my life I am grateful. I haven't mentioned a lot of players but be assured, if you met me or played me you were a part of my life and I thank you. It's not just a game it's a part of us. It's a story. It's an interweaving story of competition, yes romance, friendship, inspiration and most importantly, love.
Thank you all,

It's all about love and eating burritos
DBB Admin

PostPosted: Tue May 14, 2013 10:24 am View user's profile Reply with quote Send private message

nice to see you jazzy, been a looooooong time since we met too

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PostPosted: Tue May 14, 2013 11:55 am View user's profile Reply with quote Send private message

That was a great read. Thanks for sharing this story. I had no idea. I have to say, the best part of hosting the last big National LAN here in Chicago was getting to meet many of the people I knew only from TeamSpeak and chat, including you. I can remember the huge ass Kohler generator we rented that sucked deisel fuel like crazy and having to run out every 5 hours to fill up gas cans with deisel and then spilling it all over myself trying to fill the thing up. I spent the entire weekend reeking like a truck mechanic, but in retrospect, it was all worth it because I got to meet so many people that I've been able to call friends over the years. There IS nothing like Decent, and there never will be. Cheers.
DBB Staff

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2013 5:42 am View user's profile Reply with quote Send private message

Love it. Thanks for this Jazzy. It really touches the heart of why this community is so great.

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PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2013 7:58 pm View user's profile Reply with quote Send private message

Wow, blast from the past Very Happy

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PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2013 8:06 pm View user's profile Reply with quote Send private message

Jazzy - thank you so much for sharing, that was absolutely beautiful. By the time I would have been old enough to attend LANs, they were mostly a thing of the past - but I still cherish my memories of Descent and its community. I still remember the very first time I played multiplayer, I think I was in middle school, it was a Monsterball game joined from PXO and I had a friend over who also played and I remember us turning to each other with wide eyes and saying "Is this for real??" From then on the hook was set, I think the depth of this game and perseverance it takes to stick with it and keep improving say something about all of the players who've been around so long, only a certain type of person has what it takes to become good at Descent. Even though I wasn't there to experience them, I always enjoy stories of LANs because they add another layer of character to the greats I've either had the luck to play or have heard of. It's a shame Descent isn't played as much anymore and LANs are rare/nonexistent but that's also OK, because memories like yours of the times you had and the people you played will never be colored by new information, they will exist forever. Thanks for passing on that story

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sadly I feel the pull.
damn you.

PostPosted: Mon May 27, 2013 6:51 am View user's profile Reply with quote Send private message

Absolutely a wonderful read. Some good times I've had myself with these bunch of hooligans, but that's for a different story Wink

Great to see you still kicking around Jazzy!

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PostPosted: Wed May 29, 2013 8:09 am View user's profile Reply with quote Send private message

one of the few people who wasn't a CONdescenting ego whore. Don't be alarmed, folks, I just came here to visit my dead grandmother.
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